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Production DesignWatchmen (2009)

by Alex McDowell


I want to get people into Welcome to Night Vale, but it’s so hard to sell like “hey if you like gay radio show hosts and totalitarian governments and clouds that drop dead animals on small desert towns then boy do I have a show for you”

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But it’s not just her biology that’s gotten her this far, is it? You were bred into this, given every advantage, but Sarah? Sarah is a product of chance, yet, here we are, at loggerheads with her.

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#7505 - Top of the Lake


#7505 - Top of the Lake

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Do you want to touch my neck?

Under the Skin (2013)

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Top of the Lake - episode 1:

No one.


.”Waltz with Bashir” (Hebrew: ואלס עם באשיר‎) written and directed by Ari Folman

Beirut 82’

" I am every little girl you ever watched, touched, hurt, screwed, killed." — Hard Candy (2005)

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It’s so easy to create a victim, young lady, so easy. You lock someone in a dark room. They begin to suffer. You feed that suffering. Methodically, systematically and coldly. And make it last. Your subject goes through a number of states. After a while, their trauma; that small, easily opened crack, makes them see things that don’t exist.

Martyrs (2008)

The Signal, William Eubank, 2014

The Signal, William Eubank, 2014

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

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"I know, we’re all gonna die. Everybody knows that. But I’m going to die today. Funny that… you know, to know. But the thing is, is that I’m still scared. Really scared. Nobody will mourn for me, no one will pray for my soul. Will you mourn for me? Will you say a prayer for me? Or is it too late… ah, I mean I’d say one for myself but I’ve never prayed in my life. Nobody ever taught me how… nobody ever taught me how…" - Gravity (2013)

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Stills from 12 Years A Slave, 2013, Dir. Steve McQueen,